sábado, 23 de fevereiro de 2008


I am looking for a movie that could have been made in the late 1940s or in the 1950s. I remember three takes: a tree (Tyburn?) is hit by lightning and two spirits are freed (father and daughter) that wish to avenge themselves of the family responsible for their deaths by hanging from that tree as sorcerers centuries before. The daughter falls in love with the man that represents that family, much against her father's wishes. The next thing I remember is the couple riding in a taxi at night and she asks the man what time is it. He looks out of the window directly at Big Ben and discovers that the taxi is flying. Who is driving? The girl's father. The film ends with the couple miniaturising the father and putting him in a bottle, closing him in with a cork, and placing the bottle on the mantelpiece so they can live in peace ever after.

If some reader can identify this motion picture, please let me know, by sending an E-mail to  wwharris@gmail.com

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